Top 5 Benefits of Technology and Its Influence in Transforming the Education System of Today’s Generation

Information accessibility is one of the core positivity of using the technology, apart from that integration of opportunities and retaining the interest of students in creative learning can also be achieved.  Many studies have been conducted around the world and reports that over 90 % of the students register their preference of accessing information through internet than any other mode.

The research is too much backing the extensive reformation technology had brought to the education sector. It shows how information access has become easy and viable through internet searches. Though resources to information can be accomplished through books, the extended connectivity with teachers and classmates could give technology a miracle status. The technology opened the path to stay updated even during long medical absence at school.

Now even those who have avoided the benefit of technology could re-establish their requirement status. But still the educators who could recognize the advantage of the technology were not able to update it for their institution, mainly because of the fund limitations. The country who boast about high literacy rate and technological advancement are back in redefining their educational theme or purpose. That is many studies revealed that over 80% schools do not have proper internet access.

The 21st century and integrating technology to classes

It has been doubtlessly proved that advantages of technology are very much greater than the points that are being put forward to slowing down the progression. In many ways technology has strengthened the pattern of learning system.

1. Better information retaining

The pattern of learning has a greater role in normalizing the way of retaining the information in the brain. There are many ways for boosting the memory power and that can be done effectively through technological resources like graphics, images, presentation and videos. For instance, in grade 3, 50 students was set to brief a project based on rainy animals and after the project a data released that except 5 all others could remember points more precisely than any other modes. This serve as a strong point that supports the fact, technological resources can help the students retain information more effectively.

2. Internet is a open source for researches

Again another study revealed that over 90% of the students who have access to internet depend on web for information. This is because internet offers them different resources for getting information unlike books that projects mostly on theoretical briefs. Though classroom teaching have e-learning in the schedule, the resources from that was limited. At the same time many students are considering the opportunities opened through the online courses.

3. Given a new outlook to information sharing

In many ways information sharing has brought greater quality in student’s education pattern. The technology has opened a wider space for sharing information and encouraging online discussion. Another thing is that majority of student who have internet access are interested in participating online discussions and posting their work on websites. This can give them best exposure to the outside world that strengthens the communication over a wider population.

4. Strengthens the independent power of learning

The strength of learning can be conditioned by different factors. A resource that works for one group may not be effective for others. So it is obvious that the choice of learning must be strictly based on one’s talents and technology helps one to identify it easily. So in a way technology can cut off the unwanted competition in the field and amplify true talents.

5. The investment needed is very much less for technological access

It is true that initial installation of the software in institutions may cost a little. But at the same time, it can be covered through proper utilization of the resources. Based on researches, it has been proved courses that are based online have lesser expenses when compared with others. Apart from that the learning materials are also provided in plenty.

Obviously, technology has a lot in store for younger generation. Though the negative features are there, it cannot in any way overshadow the benefits if used effectively. The surplus resources can surely make the educative system more meaningful to the students. It gives a new way of understanding for the generation that can enlighten their talents to a better perspective.

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