Under the d.alert system, your institution can send any request for customized information to their clients. The basic methods for customized request processing and notification can be found below:

  • Create any kind of customized SMS through d.alert easily.
  • Send notification to the guardian’s cell phone by d.alert software.
  • Record every customized information activity data.

Examples: Institution can send SMS for

  • School holiday.
  • Notice board.
  • Special events and many more.


D.alert has a very strong data security system. It has different user permission level to log in the system for maintaining optimum data security. Here are the processes given bellow:

  • Discrete user permission level maintenance.
  • Facilities to create different level user ID & password by the super admin.
  • Facilities to maintenance screen permission for the different user level.
  • Facilities to create discrete user group with data access restrictions maintained by super admin.


D.alert has the best data backup system because Primacy Infotech Pvt. Ltd. knows the importance client data security. D.alert system thus maintains a three-tier secured backup system:

  • Primary data backup is stored to computer hard disk.
  • Tertiary backup is stored on-line on secured hosting space.